Tangy Pickle Doritos Are Back Along with a New Tangy Ranch Flavor

The chips are hitting store shelves this month.

Courtesy of Doritos

Just last summer, Doritos dropped a surprising favorite: a Tangy Pickle flavor. And while they went MIA for a bit, the snack brand is here with some good news. The beloved chips are back and they're hitting store shelves alongside an all-new flavor. 

Doritos Tangy Pickle and Doritos Tangy Ranch are rolling out to stores this month. The latter flavor is a "delicious combination of the classic Doritos crunch paired with the savory tastes of ranch seasoning," according to the chip maker.

"[It's] perfect for the adventurous snacker," Doritos added of its Tangy Ranch. "This exciting new flavor fuses the familiar with the unique to offer Doritos fans the bold taste they have been searching for."

Tangy Pickle has actually been a fan-favorite flavor for more than a minute. It's been around in Canada since at least 2011. Fans across the US, though, have clearly come to appreciate it just as much—if not more. Let's just say a few people are a little excited about the return. 

If you're lacking in patience like me and want to get your tastebuds on the Tangy Pickle before it rolls out in select regional markets, you're going to have to work for it. Doritos is giving away 1,000 exclusive bags available on Snacks.com next Monday, August 9. 

To celebrate the relaunch, the chip maker is also hosting a social giveaway that same day with a limited-edition branded boombox kit with a Doritos Tangy Pickle bag, Bluetooth speaker, and '90s-themed swag. Keep an eye out on Instagram August 9 to enter.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist