We Tried the Dos Equis Margarita & It's the Best Canned Cocktail We've Tasted

Real Blanco tequila >>> malt liquor.

Courtesy of Dos Equis
Courtesy of Dos Equis

Canned cocktails have become a dime a dozen, but the same can't be said for actually good canned cocktails. The market has become overwrought with artificial, overly sweet malt beverages—but that's exactly why we notice when something sippable comes along.

Earlier this month, Dos Equis made its entrance into the spirits space with its first-ever canned cocktail, a 10% ABV, real Blanco tequila margarita with lime juice and natural flavors. The marg has been billed by the brand as "refreshing and exciting to your taste buds without an artificial taste," but is it true? We had to see for ourselves. 

When and where can you get the Dos Equis Margarita? 

The Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime is available in exclusive markets right now. You can snag a four-pack of 12-ounce cans in New Mexico, New Jersey, Colorado, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Georgia, but with a wider rollout to follow—including a Southern California and Arizona launch in September. 

What makes it different than other canned cocktails? 

Unlike similar iterations on the market, the Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime features actual alcohol versus the popularized malt liquor alternative. The product includes Blanco tequila and high-quality ingredients, like real lime juice and natural flavors, giving it a more authentic flavor than its competitors. 

What does it taste like? 

Dos Equis managed to capture the flavor of a bartender-crafted margarita in a can. It's light in flavor and subtle on sweetness while still producing that lick-your-lips flavor. It doesn't overpower your taste buds with synthetic lime, but rather, the marg manages the refreshing combo of real lime juice, Blanco tequila, and notes of agave for a carefully sweet finish.

Final thoughts 

We've tried our fair share of canned cocktails (it's an occupational hazard), but none quite so authentic as the Dos Equis Margarita Classic Lime. It tastes like a real drink, which makes sense considering its recipe includes all real ingredients. The whopping 10% ABV not only mirrors the boozy experience of a real marg, but its subtle, sweet lime flavor and real Blanco tequila mirrors the experience of a good, real marg. Dare we say it? It just might be the best canned cocktail we've had.

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.