A Truck Full of Dough Cooked in the Sun and Erupted All Over the Highway

"Right when you think you've seen it all, you get dough on the freeway," Washington-based Trooper Brooke Bova said while live streaming on Twitter on Monday. She shared an incident that you almost certainly have never encountered yourself.

What looks like a dump truck loaded with dough started to cook as the driver barreled down a Washington highway. The dough began to rise in the summer heat, and the truck was not able to contain its yeasty contents any longer. From the pictures Bova shared, it appears the dough every crevice in the back of the truck to seep through, pouring out onto the freeway.

Bova had a good time with her unexpected encounter, cracking a few rye jokes on Twitter. "Whole-y grain Batman! It's messy but it's not a hazard!," she wrote on Twitter. "I'm on a roll."

People on social media kneaded no prompting to rise to Bova's challenge and pun the hell out of a weird situation. The Washington Department of Transportation even got in on the action with a few dough-p puns. 

Bova later noted the highway was later cleaned up and no one was injured.

h/t Huffington Post

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