Dr Pepper Built a Student Her Own Literal Soda Fountain

dr pepper fountain
Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Dr Pepper

Brands love nothing more than when people gush about their products on social media, but it's rare that they'll ever do more to acknowledge a fan than respond with some trite thankful comment. Occasionally, though, they go above and beyond to reward a customer with something special, like construct a literal soda fountain in their front yard, as Dr Pepper did for a college student earlier this week.

The student, a senior at Kansas State University named Claire Daniels, caught the eye of Dr Pepper's marketing team in December when she jokingly Tweeted about installing a Dr Pepper fountain in her house because she drinks so much of it. A month after she sent the Tweet, the company reached out asking if they could come visit her to reward her for being such a diehard fan. 

Yesterday, the Dr Pepper team arrived at her house to install the surprise reward: a six-foot tall DP-branded, fully functioning tiered fountain that pumps gallons of the spicy caramel-colored soda, in addition to 1,200 cans of the stuff for when she's on the go. 

1200 cans of dr pepper
Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Dr Pepper

Ironically, Daniels gave up her favorite soda for Lent (which technically ended at the end of the day yesterday), so she had to wait a while until she could indulge. 

Hot on the heels of this kid's Twitter campaign to score Wendy's chicken nuggets for life, this week's social media lesson is clear: kiss up to your favorite brands online until they just give you stuff for free.

h/t The Kansas State Collegian

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