Get Paid $1,000 to Eat Snacks from an Iconic Gas Station Chain

You'll also get $250 in a dedicated Buc-ee's snack allowance.

Picture this: Getting paid handsomely to snack on Buc-ee's beaver nuggets. The good news is that now you can.

The iconic Texas-based gas station-plus-convenience store chain Buc-ee's—which is especially famous for its delicious branded snacks and, uh, reportedly the world's cleanest bathrooms—is expanding across the country and for the occasion, one website has tasked itself to come up with a story on the best roadtrip snacks.

Where does your new job come in, you ask? Said website, dubbed FinanceBuzz, is hiring one "Buc-ee's Bud-ee" to help with research for the story. What the professional snacker will have to do is choose and sample 25 popular Buc-ee's snacks from a list (like kolaches, beaver nuggets, jerky and more), give their honest review, and take pics. In exchange for their culinary efforts, the snacker will be paid $1,000, plus $250 to cover the cost of their food purchases.

Applying for the job is simple. You have until September 11 to submit your application, where in addition to personal information, you have to include whether or not you live near a Buc-ee's store (or if you'd be available to travel to one) as well as the reason why you're the best fit for the role. The ideal candidate will be chosen on September 18.

To apply, you can visit this link.

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