Get Paid to Live on a Scottish Island That Has More Deer Than People

The secluded island's deer-to-people ratio is 90-to-1.

The view from Seascape holiday cottage on the Isle of Rona in Scotland.
Courtesy of HiJobs
Courtesy of HiJobs

I love living in a big city, traveling to big cities, thinking about big cities, all of it. But sometimes even I, someone who loves the noise and energy of millions of people packed into 10 square miles, get sick of people. Typically, it's after a day of dealing with fellow commuters who have terrible sidewalk etiquette or having to interact with heavily armed police officers just to get on the train. On days like that I fantasize about taking a solo trip. Not just traveling by myself, but being completely away from the majority of the population, too.

There's one place on Earth that will pay you for the privilege of embracing that level of solitude. The Isle of Rona, which is a remote island between the West Coast of Scotland and the Isle of Skye, is looking to hire an estate worker and partner who will join the island's current population of two people and 180 deer. The ideal ratio, if you ask me. Rona has two holiday properties, and a successful venison business, and the estate work include responsibilities including but not limited to housekeeping, property maintenance, logistics, deer management, and venison processing.

So, automatically, vegans and those who don't like to get their hands dirty might not be the best fit. The Isle of Rona's isolation doesn't just end at the sparse number of humans. The island is also off grid, powered by solar panels, generators, and inverters. You'll need to know your way around it all, or be willing to learn. Other skills and attributes a successful applicant will need to have? Boat and machine maintenance, plus a sense of humor, good social skills, and enthusiastic, competent, reliable, and resilient vibes.

Well, that list doesn't sound too far off from the general requirements of renting an apartment in New York City but at least in Scotland most of your neighbors will be sheep. The salary offered to the successful applicant will include accommodations with views of the sea. You can learn more about the role and apply at

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