This Delivery Company Will Pay Someone $10,000 to Be Its Chief Taco Officer

The lucky winner will get paid by Favor Delivery to travel around and taste tacos.

Courtesy of Favor Delivery

Okay, here's the ultimate dream gig for one very lucky Texan. Favor Delivery, a Texas-based delivery service, is looking for its first-ever Chief Taco Officer to help the company find the best tacos in the state this summer. And to compensate this person, Favor Delivery will pay the CTO $10,000, free delivery for one year and custom Favor merch.

During your time as Chief Taco Officer, Favor Delivery will pay for travel across the state between June and July 2022. All accommodations, food, transportation, and activities, such as massages and yoga classes, will also be covered by Favor. All you'll have to do is travel around taste-testing tacos and documenting your experience. Even with the additional $10,000, going on an all-expenses-paid taco trip seems ideal, if I'm being honest.

"Tacos are one of the top favored foods across all of the cities we serve throughout Texas," Jag Bath, Favor CEO, said in a press release. "The history and culture behind one of the most iconic foods in the Lone Star State vary from city to city, and we're excited for our new Chief Taco Officer to discover some of the best and most authentic tacos out there."

To apply, you must be over 21 years of age and a resident of Texas. You'll need to create a short video detailing why you should be Favor Delivery's first-ever Chief Taco Officer and complete a short application. The application deadline is Thursday, May 12, at 11:59 pm CT.

To submit your application and video, head to Favor Delivery’s website.

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