Get Paid $5,000 to Be a Ranger for Mtn Dew’s New Mountain Outpost

It's a dream job for nature and soda enthusiasts.

Courtesy of Mtn Dew

For those that love Mtn Dew and nature, here's a dream job just for you. Mtn Dew is opening an outpost right outside of Mountain City, Tennessee, and it needs a ranger. 

The 8,600 acres of wilderness is home to an archery course, hiking trails, and 3,000 acres of land on Doe Mountain. For those unaware, Mtn Dew first started in Tennessee more than eight decades ago, so this new outpost is both an homage to the brand's roots and part of the company's new initiative to invest in protecting and preserving the great outdoors.

"Our fans are exploring the outdoors now more than ever; it's the perfect time to return to Tennessee, and give back to the community," Pat O'Toole, the vice president of marketing at Mtn Dew, said in a press release. "While Mtn Dew will pay homage to its name and roots at Doe Mountain, we aspire to leave a positive impact, providing wider access to these preserved mountain lands and fueling outdoor enthusiasts' passions."

As part of this new wilderness base, Mtn Dew is seeking an Outpost Ranger. They'll be responsible for leading group hikes, mountain scavenger hunts, and supervising community activities for one week. In return for your services and expertise, Mtn Dew will pay $5,000, and the cost of round-trip travel, RV mountain accommodations courtesy of RVshare, access to exclusive Mtn Dew products, and a new Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium.

You can apply at between December 8, 20211, and January 14, 2022. The outpost, which opens May 2022, will also have free activities and tastings for the public.

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