This Company Will Seriously Pay You $50/Hour to Smoke Weed

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When someone says something is a dream job, it's usually the kind of job you'd love to get after if life circumstances were different. Being the emperor of an island of cats sounds like fun, for instance. However, are you really willing to move to a cat island very far from your current residence? Probably not. 

This one is a little different. It won't appeal to everyone, but it's within reach for a lot of people. The Toronto-based company AHLOT is looking to hire five "cannabis connoisseurs" who would work part-time sampling marijuana to the tune of $50 per hour. Plus they get a $200 per month expense account. 

The legalization of marijuana is scheduled for October 17 in Canada, and companies are getting ready. In particular, AHLOT is looking for people to work on what it's calling the Cannabis Curation Committee. To get the gig, you need to be an expert on jazz cabbage, helping to determine what will go into the company's sample packs, which will contain a variety of marijuana strains.

Committee members will also have to write social media posts, appear in videos, and make appearances at company events.

The competition will be fierce or, perhaps, lethargic yet determined. Only five people can get the part-time gig. Apply by October 17 if you think this is for you. And if you think it's for you, it probably is. (Unless you're under 19 years old.) One person on Twitter sent in a query saying, "40 plus years experience. Will that help on the resume?" The company responded, "Yup! We have a section that asks for the length of your relationship with the flower." Just make sure you don't confuse the "40 years of smoking weed" resume with your other resume when applying for a different job. 

h/t Canadian Press

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