Dude Accidentally Hits Squirrel, Gives It CPR, and Brings It Back to Life

Anyone who's ever driven somewhere with lots of squirrels has probably been in at least one standoff with the furry rodents while behind the wheel. They can get skittish about figuring out when to cross the street to avoid being run over, and unfortunately, their poor timing all-too-often results in them being squished. However, one squirrel was recently spared when the dude who accidentally hit it pulled over, gave it CPR, and saved its life

The miraculous rescue went down last week in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and was captured on camera by a couple police officers who pulled over to investigate a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road with a man bent down nearby. They soon discovered the dude was frantically trying to resuscitate a squirrel he had unintentionally run over with his car by gently performing CPR. 

"I kind of ran him over a little bit. Yea, so you know, try to help it out," you can hear guy saying in the video. And while bringing a squirrel back to life after it's been hit may seem absurd, the man seems convinced he didn't actually run it over with a tire, and that it may just be a bit stunned. 

Then, sure enough, after administering a few gentle tap, tap, taps, to its underside, the man notices the little guy perk up a bit, and yelps as it suddenly darts off, full of life, into the grass. The guy then high-fives the officers, and the video fades out with a sample of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," which is admittedly a nice touch.

Somewhere, in some acorn-filled den, one lucky squirrel is regaling his buddies about that time some good samaritan saved his life. 

h/tBoing Boing

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