Drool Alert: Chips Ahoy! Just Released Hot Cocoa-Flavored Cookies

Mmm mm mm. From the guys who brought you cookies that could support the weight of a thousand chocolate chips (Ed. note: unconfirmed) comes a new limited-edition flavor that will remind you why you got into the cookie business in the first place. 

Hitting shelves November 2 is a new a take on one of our favorite winter treats combined with the cookies we all spent our childhoods shoving into our mouths and dunking into milk.  

Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! are hot cocoa-flavored cookies covered with marshmallow, white chocolate chips, and stuffed with fudge. The best part? These cookies were specifically crafted to be eaten know, just to remind you how the Pavlovian response to the mention of warm cookies works. Pop these suckers in the microwave for a few seconds, smell the goodness, and then text me, because MOUTH HUNGRY. 

Better haul ass over to the grocery store now, though, because these guys will only be for around eight weeks. Wait, that's it? Damn it.  

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and will seriously show up at your house with a glass of milk.