These Portable Hotel Suites Let You Sleep Like a VIP Anywhere

Getting the full "at one with nature" overnight experience generally requires pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere and curling up in a sleeping bag, which is a quaint and fun thing to do if you don't mind roughing it. But what if, instead, you could simply retire to a luxe eco-friendly suite in whatever off-the-grid location you'd like? That may soon be possible thanks to these new hyperportable micro-homes, which're designed to be temporarily installed as so-called suites pretty much anywhere in nature.

Conceived by the Spanish architecture firm In-Tenta, these mini domiciles are known as DROP boxes, and're built from sustainable materials (mostly wood) specifically designed to have little to no impact on their surroundings. They're manufactured off-site, and lightweight enough to be schlepped into most any remote location, whether it be the banks of a high-altitude lake, the edge of a cliff, in the middle of a desert, or deep in the forest. 

Depending on the size of your crew, they're available in one or two-bedroom versions to comfortably fit between two and four people, and the digs are considerably nicer and more spacious than most RVs or pop-up campers. 

Inside, it's packed with amenities including a modern kitchen/office nook, cozy sleeping area, and a decked out bathroom complete with a shower that's walled in by a panoramic window overlooking the outdoors. There's even a nice little terrace to take in the view as you sip your morning coffee or crack open a beer after a long day of exploring.

Presumably, water and electricity would either be provided via tank and generator, or via more eco-friendly measures e.g., natural filtration from a nearby water source and solar panels.

No word yet on when these will officially make their way to market -- or which chains or resorts may be interested -- but in the meantime this 3D tour should give you an idea of what to expect once you can eventually book a stay. 

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow his misadventures in glamping @jwmcgauley.