Dry Shampoo Can Explodes Through Car Sunroof, Makes Case for Wet Shampoo

Do you y'all know how dry shampoo works? The alcohol or starch in the product soaks up grease and makes your hair look cleaner. You can accomplish the same look by shaking corn starch and applying it, but capitalism was like, no, here's an aerosol can filled with alcohol, petroleum, and clay -- have at it. And it's because of capitalism that I must grimly report this news of a can of dry shampoo exploding in a hot car. 

Last Thursday, a 19-year-old in St. Louis, Missouri returned to her sun-drenched car in the parking lot to find what appeared to be a sunroof break-in. It was a gnarly sight, later documented on Facebook by Christine Bader Debrecht, the girl's mother. The actual culprit? A can of dry shampoo. That exploded.

"This can of dry shampoo was left in my daughter's car's middle console," Debrecht said in the Facebook post. "The lid of the console was closed. It was hot yesterday and the can exploded."

The images depict a totally annihilated console, sprinkled with a white blood splatter of shampoo. Then you can see the sunroof above, which has clearly been disturbed in a way sunroofs are not used to, impacted from the center, the rim of the preserved glass crumbling like the sides of a hole in a frozen lake. 

"It blew the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof, and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50 feet away," Debrecht said.

In the post there was also a picture of the can, with the heat warning cruelly standing out on the label. Aerosol cans sometimes explode when heat increases the pressure inside the already pressurized container to the point where the energy must go somewhere. It's usually not where you want it.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and nothing but the car and our trust in dry shampoo has been damaged. 

h/t Mashable

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.