This Badminton Rally Might Be the Most Exciting Thing You See Today

Yes, you read that right. Badminton. Exciting. 

The clip comes from December's Dubai World Superseries Finals. Though the match was held back in mid-December, this particular volley started making the rounds after it was posted on Reddit. While the video above has around 37,000 views, the version posted to Reddit has climbed past 100,000 in just a few hours. 

It's a small piece of a men's doubles match between the Japanese duo of Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda and the Danish duo of Mads Conrad-Pete and Mads Pieler Kolding. It'll raise your heart rate.

All badminton matches should include this background music. It should just be playing at all time to make every moment a white knuckle moment. Serving? Intense. Coach laughing on the sideline? Intense. Fans munching on a pretzel? Intense.

Anyone familiar with the sport knows that birdies fly incredibly fast, even if they slow down rather rapidly. It can be an exciting game even without the music, but it doesn't generally involve as much diving, behind the back shots, and playing from the seat of your pants as you're getting here.

The match ultimately didn't go so well for the Danish duo. By the end of the Superseries, they'd come in fourth, while the Japanese duo would finish second in men's doubles.

Nonetheless, this thrilling rally might — might — come close to the excitement of Mary Carillo's crazy badminton rant during the 2004 Olympics, which will always be worth revisiting.

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