This Screaming Duck Army Video Will Change Your Life

Published On 08/31/2015 Published On 08/31/2015

Every once in a while, something springs forth from the depths of the interweb that surprises you, inspires you, and restores your faith that humanity is still a driving force of ingenuity, focused on making this world a better place.

Over the weekend, such an event occurred in the unique form of a dozen rubber ducks screaming. There’s not much more we can say about the preceding video, which was widely circulated in the past 24 hours, and posted courtesy of hero/YouTuber Kevin237. It's something you just need to watch for yourself.

Of course, the Internet can never have enough of a good thing, so an infinite supply of riffs, spoofs, and tributes to the screaming ducks have glutted the web since the original's inception. We don't hate them, but nothing beats those initial 10 seconds, when we heard the synchronous cries of a bin of rubber ducks being smooched for the very first time. This world may never be the same. 

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist Media Group. These screams will haunt his dreams, in the best way possible. Follow him @WilFulton

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