Watch This Dude Get Crushed by a Huge Water Balloon in Slow Motion

There are plenty of ill-advised, garden-variety stunts you can pull off in your backyard and broadcast to the world with the aid of YouTube. This is essentially what the Slow Mo Guys do. The English duo have a passion for doing things that would make your mother wince. (Hint: Stay away from mouse traps.) In their latest video, Gavin squashes Dan with a 6 ft balloon filled to the brim with water, situating the poor fellow underneath the crushing weight on a trampoline baking in the sun.  

The balloon starts to completely envelop Dan in a pretty cartoonish way. He's simply squashed underneath the thing, immobile, with his limbs going numb like a lamb awaiting certain death. Suddenly, the humor gives way to urgency and Dan has to slash the balloon to save his life, or whatever semblance of dignity he can still salvage.

Now, you can probably imagine what happens next, but the balloon unleashes a biblical flood of hose water, rendering Dan the Moses of viral pranksters. It's epically satisfying to watch in slow motion and should definitely get you stoked for summer. The dudes will be updating their channel with more giant balloon videos throughout their recurring "Giant Balloon June" segment, which sounds pretty self-explanatory. Stay dry. 

[h/t Mashable]

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