Dunkin' Introduces DIY Donut Kits So You Can Frost & Sprinkle Your Own

Friendly tip: too many sprinkles is never a bad thing.

Courtesy of Dunkin'

Whether you've got kids, or just have the attention span of one, you're probably looking for quarantine-friendly activities to pass the time. And while coloring books, puzzles, and board games are great and all, you can't eat them. Luckily, Dunkin' has introduced DIY donut kits so you can stay occupied and well fed.

The breakfast purveyor has unleashed small and large packs of plain donuts with all the sprinkle and frosting fixings you could ever need. It all started with a franchise in Concord, California where one employee thought up the edible project for the Dunkin' store where she works. Soon, locations across the United States joined in. 

"The reality of this experience has set in, and we know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon," said the Concord franchise operator Matt Cobo in a statement on the Dunkin' blog. "Like most parents, we were looking for ways to entertain our kids and bring a little levity to this situation." 

The small DIY kit includes four donuts with different sprinkle and frosting flavors for around $5.99 while the larger option has nine donuts. 

"This is our small way of trying to brighten someone’s day," Cobo added. "The simple joy of getting to create your own donut can make kids light up, and if we can be a part of creating that moment, that makes us happy." 

According to a rep for Dunkin', the donut kits are available on a location by location basis. So while they're offered across the US, you'll wanna give your local store a call to check for availability. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.