Dunkin' Donuts Is Cutting 10 Percent of Its Menu

More isn't always better, and steak and donuts don't need to come from the same place. In this spirit, Dunkin' Donuts is cutting 10% of its menu, according to the Boston Herald. This is an effort to make service faster and more efficient and ease the load of its workers. The Canton-based chain will roll out the new menu in New England on January 7 and launch nationwide in mid-March.

The items cut include smoothies, afternoon sandwiches (turkey, Cheddar, and bacon; ham and Cheddar; tuna and chicken salad), the Big N' Toasted and Angus steak & egg breakfast sandwiches, flatbread items, some muffins and bagel & cream cheese combinations (optional for franchises anyway), plus peach, caramel, and mocha flavor coffee shots. If you're asking yourself who would go to Dunkin' Donuts and order those items, you probably see the chain's point in cutting them.

"Franchisees have been asking for something like this for quite some time," Chris Fuqua, Dunkin’s senior vice president of operations strategy and supply chain, told the Boston Herald. "They’re facing challenges with labor, and we’re always looking to maximize profitability for franchisees. If you can remove products that are more difficult to make or... consumers aren’t asking for as much, you can make the stores easier to work in, and you can positively impact their (profit and loss statement).”

It's also probably time for some existential reckoning when you find you're a donut chain serving tuna.

In addition to restoring that natural order, Dunkin' announced earlier this year that it had removed all artificial dyes from its donuts in the US and is now saying it will follow suit with the rest of its menu in the coming year. This is certainly more welcome news than losing menu items, even if they were bizarre.

So if you're passionate about Dunkin' Donuts' Angus steak sandwiches and peach coffee flavor shots, make sure to say a tender goodbye before March.

h/t Boston Herald

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