Dunkin' Revamped Its Rewards Program & Current Members Are Getting a Freebie

Dunkin' is replacing its DD Perks rewards program with a new one that gives you more perks.

Dunkin' rewards program

Dunkin’ has been running its DD Perks program for a long time. The coffee and donut shop’s rewards program was not one of the best out there, with only occasional rewards, and to procure them, you had to be a dedicated Dunkin' lover.

Things are looking up if you want a little kickback at the shop, the company says in an announcement. DD Perks is being replaced by Dunkin’ Rewards. Among the many changes, members can now redeem their reward points for food, you get more points for purchases, and it takes fewer points to get some rewards. (Though, some fans and regulars of the program have voiced complaints about the change.)

Current DD Perks members will have their accounts automatically transferred to the new program. They’ll also be gifted 150 points for having been part of DD Perks. Those can be saved, of course, but that is enough points for a free LiL Treats reward, which can be your choice of an espresso shot added to a drink, a three-county of Munchkins donut holes, or a six-count order of Hash Browns.

For the occasional Dunkin’ eater, your points no longer expire, more or less. As long as you make a purchase at least once every six months, the points will continue to carry on like Celine Dion’s heart.

Previously, members did not get a reward until they spent $40, according to the announcement. Now, you can redeem that first perk on food as well as drinks, and it arrives after just $15 spent, according to the company’s announcement. The new food perks include donuts, hashbrowns, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

The new program gives members ten points for every dollar they spend. In the old DD Perks program, that was just five points per dollar. Not only are there more points, but they are worth more. Rewards start at 150 points instead of 200 points. There is also the addition of Boosted Status for the most loyal donut eaters. If you visit 12 times in a calendar month, you’ll get bumped up to Boosted Status, which promises even more points and lasts for three months. That makes for a whole lot more return on that morning coffee.

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