This TikTok Hack Will Get You More Donuts at Dunkin' for Less

Get cheaper donuts just by tapping into those 3rd grade math skills.

Busara / Shutterstock

There are two types of people in this world: Those that are book smart and those that are TikTok smart. In this case, it's a bit of both. In a viral video posted to the video streaming platform, user @gregweiss used some pretty basic math skills (that, TBH, we should all know) to get us all more Dunkin' donuts for less.

The video, which garnered a whopping 2.4 million views, claims that by using a little basic math you could get 30 Munchkin donuts for $6 instead of 25 for $8.99, which is Dunkin's deal. 

"Anyone who buys a 25-pack for $8.99 instead of three 10-packs for $6 failed math in school," the overlay text read.

Viewers were quick to agree, calling out Dunkin' for the borderline deceitful tactic.

"They want you to buy multiple $2 packs so you feel like you're getting a great deal and in actuality, they sell more. It's called marketing," one commenter wrote. "This is also a marketing way of selling through your product," another added. "The customer feels they got the slip on the store." 

Meanwhile, others were quick to note that it was also cheaper to opt for five 10-packs for $10 instead of buying Dunkin's 50-pack for $11.99.

Maybe, just maybe, tap into that 3rd grade math next time you're at Dunkin'—or any other chain for that matter. It might save you a bit on the back end and get your extra donuts at that.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.