This Pizzeria Is Hiring a ‘Professional Pizza Eater’ to Eat Tons of Free Pizza

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Eating your way to a paycheck might sound like a viable career path if you're Anthony Bourdain. But for those of us without the culinary reputation and best-selling literary fame, there's always the option of using that hard-earned college degree to become a professional pizza critic.

Bath Pizza Co., a humble pizza purveyor in Bath, England, is offering one lucky and hopefully very hungry person the opportunity to work as its official "Professional Pizza Eater." The pizzeria promises "a competitive salary" and will even finance your travel to the town in the southern English countryside, because you can't put a price on the right expertise -- even if it lives on the other side of the Atlantic.

In its job listing, Bath Pizza Co. treats the business of pizza-tasting very seriously, writing: "The ideal candidate will be an experienced pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavours" (sic). Don't think your love for Papa John's pepperoncini is going to score you any points either, as the job requires a "cultured palate," and the ability to critique pizza pies like you're Gordon Ramsay, albeit with a less crinkly forehead.

And with great pizza powers comes great responsibility, as the listing states: "We serve thousands of people every month so ensuring our menu excites and delights our customers will be a key part of this role."

Everyone who loves pizza and thinks they have what it takes is encouraged to apply. Amazingly, Bath Pizza Co. says it's willing to pay people to relocate for this position. "Location doesn’t matter. We’ll even cover your travel costs -- flights, train fares, fuel -- for the right candidate." If that's not incentivizing, maybe piles of free pizza and proximity to Stonehenge might add to the draw.

Pizza doesn't always pay all the bills, sadly, as this particular job only requires two hours of work per week. Still, getting paid to eat pizza is a nice way to supplement a real job -- like professionally cuddling with cats or drinking beer.

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