You Can Get Paid $1,000 to Travel and Eat the Best Cheese Curds

If you're a cheesy-going person and want to get paid to run around Wisconsin stuffing yourself with curdled milk, then a Wisconsin-based online food retailer has a job for you. Thankfully, said curdled milk comes in the form of fried cheese curds.

EatStreet said it's seeking out what it's calling a "Curd Nerd" to assist in a two-week-long social media campaign, where you get to eat as many curds as you possibly can as you journey across America's dairyland. The point of this particularly cheesy dream job is to find the absolute best cheese curd, according to a report by The Takeout

As the face of EatStreet's curd campaign, the lucky human who cinches this job will get paid $12.50 per hour with a maximum of $1,000 dollars. They'll also be able to travel around Wisconsin all expenses paid, which includes the dozens of cheese curds -- fried and not -- they'll be eating. 

Applications are currently being accepted until October 2 and the official job description can be found here. The job runs from October 15 through October 29. 

I've never been to Wisconsin, but can I just give a shout out to Brooklyn's Long Island Bar for having the best cheese curds I've ever had? If the Curd Nerd ever makes it out to New York, that is for sure a go-to stop. 

h/t: The Takeout

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