This Airline Is Serving Coffee in Edible Cookie Cups

Courtesy of Air New Zealand

Nothing gets me out of bed like the call of fresh coffee, but similarly, nothing makes me wanna crawl right back in more than the crushing disappointment of an emptied cup at the end. Luckily, Air New Zealand is trying to rectify that problem -- and some actual environmental issues right along with it. 

The Aukland-based carrier is trialing edible cookie cups that are not only the perfect post-coffee consolation prize, but will reduce major waste both aboard and across the airline's airport lounges, Insider reports. The vanilla-flavored biscotti cups, which are currently being piloted across locations, were created in partnership with the sustainably-focused brand Twiice.

We've been working in partnership with innovative New Zealand company Twiice to explore the future of edible cups," Customer Experience Manager Niki Chave told Stuff. "Our current cups are compostable, but the ultimate goal would be to remove these totally from landfills." 

The cups, which are also used as dessert bowls for ice cream, are made from wheat flour, sugar, egg, and vanilla essence, the outlet reports. You can also pick up a pack for yourself -- they're available online for $15 USD. 

In July, the airline introduced a non-edible but still environmentally-friendly, plant-based coffee cup while also nixing single-use plastic bottles and plastic sauce packets. Plastic soft drink cups were also kicked to the curb. However, the airline is not the only company to try its hand at edible coffee cups. In fact, Italian coffee company Lavazza did so all the way back in 2012. 

h/t Insider 

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