This Company Made Edible Glitter so Every Meal Can Sparkle

OffLimits has made a vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free glitter to pour on your food.

Courtesy of OffLimits

Mornings are hard, especially during the winter. It is hard to wake up when you know your bedroom floor will be extra chilly, and there is a more than likely chance the sky will be cloudy and gray. OffLimits has just the stuff to brighten your breakfast, and therefore your entire morning, Cereal Glitter!

Cereal Glitter is an edible, sparkly powder made of butterfly pea flower, lucuma powder, and edible glitter. The Cereal Glitter is vegan, gluten-free, non-artificial, and sugar-free, and according to OffLimits, inspired by the cartoon universe.

And the glitter isn't only for cereal. You can put it on anything you want, from ice cream to cocktails. However, according to OffLimits, when you put it on cereal, and your milk turns blue, a wish you make could come true. They can't say that about the other food you might want to pour it on.

But, it never hurts to add some shine to your day, and you can purchase the Cereal Glitter for just $2.50 from the OffLimits website. Maybe you can try adding the glitter to that viral yogurt toast recipe from TikTok.

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