This European Theme Park Is Being Called a Cheaper, Weirder Disneyland

With six roller coasters and an abundance of fairytale creatures, it's a can't-miss destination.

If you've never had the cost of Disneyland Paris broken down for you, a recent TikTok that has been viewed nearly 600,000 times does a great job accounting for the costs, and just how little you'll get for that hefty fee. Think 25 hours spent waiting in lines for rides, exorbitant food prices, and overcrowding. In short, the Mouse's Parisian home doesn't leave people feeling very magical.

But fortunately, that doesn't mean there aren't any theme park opportunities to be had in Europe. In fact, the top comment on Mario Zelaya's TikTok is a suggestion for a different theme park.

"If you're going to Europe, consider going to Efteling in the Netherlands. It's not as big as Disney, but you’ll be having way more fun," the commenter wrote.

After a quick search, it is immediately apparent that Efteling offers an entirely different experience from Disneyland Paris. Think animatronic goats in nap dresses gathered around playing chess with haunting fairground music playing in the background.

Think: a magical, colorful dark ride filled with faeries, castles, and flowering vines that puts "It's a Small World" to shame.

There's also death-defying roller coaster rides, with steep drops and whirling turns.

While you might not see any of the signature Disney princesses or a Marvel character, there's still plenty of other fun to be found, including Efteling's very own cast of characters. The park's rides and attractions are based on over 30 fairy tales.

There are villas, castles, river rapid rides, six roller coasters, three dark rides, a Fairytale Forest, and so much more.

There's even choreographed dance numbers from the crew.

Entry tickets start at just 38 euros, according to the park's official website. Hotel stays at the park start at 319 euros per night, but the park is also only a 45-minute drive from Rotterdam and an hour from Amsterdam. Parking is only 12.50 euros per day, so that's another thing you wouldn't need to stress about. You can find direct trains that take about an hour to get from Amsterdam and Efteling—so it would be entirely possible to add this onto a trip to Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands. There are also easy routes to the theme park from Belgium.

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