Egg McMuffin Rat Is Working Hard for Its Breakfast

egg mcmuffin rat

There's only one sure way to make it big in New York. Be a rat that gets filmed absconding with food in one of the most rat-friendly cities in the US. That's it. Everyone hates seeing a rat just lumbering down the platform, but they love seeing a fuzzy buddy pretending its people whether that's a couple of rats enjoying a slice or a squirrel hanging out with a taco in a tree. 

The Twitter account @SubwayCreatures has shared a video of a subway rat making off with what appears to be an entire Egg McMuffin, casting a vote in the reignited fast-food breakfast wars. The rat, which is far from being a tiny charming Remy-type, is working awfully hard for the meal, carrying it while lumbering down the subway stairs.

Almost as good as the rat's determination is the commentary on the video. "He deserves it," one person can be heard saying. Though, it does quickly start to sound like a cheesy McDonald's commercial. 

"What's it carrying?"
"It's McDonald's."
"It's an Egg McMuffin."
"Egg McMuffin."
[Implied "I'm loving it" tune]

Nonetheless, it's hard to disagree with the spectators. That rat deserves every bite of that sandwich. 

h/t The Takeout

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