There's No Need to Toast These New Eggo Waffles

Eggo has continued to innovate its iconic breakfast food with an even quicker morning snack.

Courtesy of Eggo
Courtesy of Eggo

Eggo gave a gift to the world when it delivered us quick toastable waffles. The easy-to-heat-and-eat meal meant that even on the busiest weekday mornings, you're likely to have time for the hearty goodness of waffles.

Now, breakfast just got faster. The new Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles don't require a toaster. All you need to do is grab and go, just like the name indicates. You can eat the waffles right out of the fridge or after thawing from the freezer.

"Mornings are tough for families. We heard from parents that they often sacrifice their own needs, like skipping breakfast, in order to make sure their kids get a great start to the day," Joe Beauprez, marketing director with Eggo, said in a press release. "That's why we created the new Eggo Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles with busy parents in mind."

The Liege-Style waffles are made with golden brioche dough and have pieces of sugar baked in. Right now, they are available in two classic flavors, Buttery Maple and Strawberry. The waffles are individually packaged, allowing you to toss one in your bag and head out in the morning.

A four-pack of waffles retails for $5.99, and a 12-pack box retails for $13.99. They will be available on shelves nationwide this month.

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