Eggo’s New Stuffed Pancakes Come in 3 Flavors

Apple for breakfast, strawberry for lunch, chocolate for dessert?

Edited - Courtesy of Kellogg's

The great minds at Kellogg’s are no strangers to innovation, bringing us such delights as Eggo cereal, super convenient pancakes, and of course, a wide variety of waffles. They’re all suitable for an anytime meal or snack, and the company’s latest Eggo creation dips closer to dessert than any before. 

The new products, dubbed Eggo Stuffed Pancakes, are scheduled for release this April, according to Delish.  

The little golden pockets are plumped with chocolate, strawberry, or apple filling. The strawberry and apple varieties are made with real fruit, according to the outlet, and all three options come 18 to a box. We have yet to try them, but they look like they’d be just as good as a decadent after dinner treat as they would for a quick but sweet breakfast. 

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