The New York Times Is Free During the Election

Published On 11/07/2016 Published On 11/07/2016
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With the United States set to cast ballots Tuesday, a couple of newspapers across have decided to help inform the electorate by making information about the candidates a little easier to find. 

The New York Times announced Thursday that the paper's online edition will be completely free for three days spanning from Monday through Wednesday, giving voters access to the paper's coverage up to the election, as well as immediate coverage of the election's results. "This election will be one of the most significant in our country's history," the paper wrote to readers. "And so no one misses a moment, we're inviting you to unlimited access to our website, before, during and after this historic event."

They aren't the only one seeking to provide access to some of the nation's best journalism at a pivotal moment. The Washington Post announced on its homepage that the paper will take down its paywall, allowing readers to access all of its online content for free on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

It's a great way to get up to the minute information about the election as it's happening. Or it's a great way to read all those stories you wanted to read at the end of last month but couldn't because you'd used up all your free articles. Your choice.

The USA Today and its network of sites will also be providing free access on Tuesday and Wednesday. That network extends to many local papers across the country, including the Detroit Free PressEvansville Courier & Press, the Indy Star, the Lafayette Journal & Courier, the Lansing State Journal, the Muncie Star Press, and the Times Herald, among many others.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is also taking down its paywall during the election.

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