Google Will Show You Live Election Results All Day as Polls Close

Election Results 2016 Google
Alex Wong, Getty Images/Oren Aks, Thrillist

Hey! Tomorrow's November 8, or as some people call it the Apocalypse Election Day.

You should absolutely do your civic duty by voting on Tuesday. But whether you're at work or your employer gave you the day off (thanks, Thrillist bosses!), chances are you'll be glued to a TV, computer, or smartphone to keep up with the results. Rather than simply relying on John King and his big touchscreen map this year, though, Google's got your back: the company's posting election results the moment polls close. 

As detailed in a blog post by VP of engineering, Google Search Shashi Thakur, "you will be able to find U.S. election results integrated right into your Google searches in over 30 languages around the world" as soon as polls close on Tuesday. The widget will update every 30 seconds, offering a myriad of results -- from national and state elections down to ballot propositions. 

Additionally, if you're lazy and don't feel like reading or typing words, fret not: YouTube will also be streaming live results starting at 7pm from outlets including NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, Telemundo and The Young Turks, so you can absorb passively.

Tons of people have Googled tons of election-related questions in the last few months, as detailed by the blog post, including a 233% increase in 2016 on "how to vote" compared to 2012. But other searches have risen as well, including "where to vote," and "why aren't great white sharks in aquariums?"

That last one has no impact on the election, of course, but it's interesting no less. In any case, Google's offering you a public service, right on your phone or desktop. So search away as we watch the world burn -- or just as the democratic process plays out as it does every four years and things normalize shortly thereafter.

But make sure you vote!