Elementary School Teachers Share Hilarious Student Opinions on the Election

elementary school kids election

Though the debates are over, the 2016 presidential election is omnipresent. It's inescapable. From TV ads to talking heads, yard signs to water cooler talk, it's everywhere. And the election being "everywhere" means that it's just as inescapable for kids.

Kids see the videos on YouTube and on the morning news, they hear their parents talking and trade rumors on the playground about which candidate will make them go to school on Saturdays. They're just as engaged by the nonstop debate as anyone, even if they know as much about Aleppo as Gary Johnson. That's been highlighted by a recent Reddit thread that has elementary school teachers (and people with elementary-aged kids) sharing stories on how kids are talking about the election.

The responses include hilarious fecal-themed rhymes and some genuine fear about things they don't understand. Take a look below at some highlights from the thread.

Some of it is funny, but some of the responses of kids express some genuine confusion and fear. If you've got kids or hanging around kids this weekend. Answer some of their questions in exchange for their favorite schoolyard election rhyme. You'll totally come out on top in that swap.

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