This Elephant Gets Sweet Revenge By Farting Right on Another Elephant's Head

When you were a kid, farting in your sibling's or friend's face was easily among the ultimate forms of revenge (No? OK, maybe that was just us). But it turns out humans aren't the only gassy creatures to wield flatulence as a way to say how we really feel about each other. Apparently, elephants do, too, as you can see in a new video from the folks over at Elephant News.

The brief clip involves an ongoing dispute between two elephants at Thailand's Elephant Nature Park. One elephant, Faa Mai, loves to climb onto a hill of dirt claimed by another elephant named Kabu. Every time Faa Mai climbs to the top of the mound, however, Kabu pushes her down to take it back, according to Elephant News. As you can see in the video (above), Kabu does exactly that -- pushing her off the hill, but this time, Faa Mai climbs right back up there, positions her ass right on Kabu's head, and unleashes a Earth-shaking -- and wet-sounding -- fart. Best of all, the video replays it a few times so you can enjoy the huge sound.

Anyway, think you had it bad as the youngest sibling? At least you didn't have to deal with big, wet elephant farts to the face.

h/t Mashable

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