General Mills Is Releasing 'Elf' Cereal Way in Advance of the Holidays

But does it stick to the "four main food groups"?

Elf Cereal
Elf Cereal
Elf Cereal

Step aside CVS holiday candy aisle--the cereal aisle officially has you beat as most prematurely festive, with General MIlls' latest release of an Elf-themed holiday box. 

The U.S.-based food company has announced that the release of a corn puff cereal with Christmas tree marshmallows is already available at some stores nationwide. This debut follows General Mills' Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch cereal release, boxes of which display two happy Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares wearing festive Santa hats in a Christmas tree stocking. 

The product looks like the maple-flavored marriage of Corn Pops and Lucky Charms. If that doesn't sound Elf-y enough for you, we recommend Buddy the Elf's favorite morning meal--spaghetti in mini marshmallows, candy, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup (it comes closer those four food groups -- syrup, candy corns, candy canes, and candy in general -- anyway). 

A representative for General Mills told People that the box is rolling out now, and it will only be available through the holiday season. It comes in mid-sized ($2.50) and family-sized ($3.99) boxes.

General Mills has certainly done the most this year; last month, for example, the company gave away a million Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes for free, and sold Lucky Charms marshmallow pieces sans cereal over the summer. 

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