You Must See This New, Very Emo Version of the Wendy’s Logo

This version of Wendy traded her pigtails for a deep side-swept bang.

Someone over at Wendy’s has been reminiscing about Warped Tour, because these new images of the brand’s mascot has ditched the pigtails—and it's not just a phase.

At the newly-opened Wendy’s location in Camden, London, you’ll find Wendy with a deep, side-swept bang, a shaggy haircut, and her classic red mane intermixed with jetblack hair. Wendy didn’t fall in love with an emo girl. She is an emo girl.

Back in June, Wendy’s UK tweeted a poll, asking followers to vote for which iteration of Wendy should be chosen to represent the chain's newest store. The choices were between an Emo Wendy, a Bouffant Wendy, and a Punk Wendy.


Based on photos tweeted by a UK journalist, the winning version was Emo Wendy. Plastered on the wall of the new Wendy’s is Wendy with her edgy cut and double pierced ear, sitting just below the traditional Wendy's logo.


According to The Drum, the Emo Wendy was created by Wendy’s in partnership with Camden Open Air Gallery to honor the cultural history of the neighborhood where the new store resides. The new mural will be a permanent feature of the location.

While any switch up in the classic Wendy’s logo is much appreciated, I personally would have cast my vote for Punk Wendy!

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