This Emoji Snake Took Over Eight Years to Breed

No matter what your background is, you've probably never seen a snake like this. In fact, the man who bred it says "this is the first." The above snake has an unusual pattern that looks like three yellow smiley face emojis are running down its back. Or if you flip it upside down, it looks like those little green alien heads you used to draw in middle school notebooks.

It took Justin Kobylka eight years to breed the snake he calls the Emoji Ball Python. He breeds snakes with unusual patterns like this and sells them. Though, he told Business Insider he won't be selling this one.

The snake is a Lavender Albino Piebald Ball Python, a species that sometimes has face-like patterns appear in the scales. The pattern is the result of recessive mutation that can occur naturally but is rare. Though, it doesn't take a snake-iologist to surmise this pattern is unlikely to occur in the wild.

Kobylka says he could sell the snake for at least $4,500. That's a pretty good markup, considering a standard ball python -- a popular pet since it's the smallest of all African pythons -- can retail between $40 and $150 at a chain pet store. However, at that price you'll never become a spicy memelord

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