Watch English World Cup Fans Demolish an IKEA After Beating Sweden

You probably heard about Japan's near-saintly sportsmanship during the World Cup. After losing to Belgium, the team cleaned the locker room and left a thank you note, and its fans even tidied up the stadium after matches. The world was duly impressed. English fan's are taking a slightly different approach.

After a 2-0 victory over Sweden, English soccer fans, overwhelmed with the thrill of the fight, invaded an IKEA. And you can see the results: adults jumping on a bed, a shirtless man, lots chanting, and very confused employees.

It's all in terrible taste but maybe a little endearing?

IKEA was also weirdly chill about the loss and the barbarism. At first, the furniture store tweeted a punny tribute to England's victory.

Then when it got word of the fans' antics, it tweeted out another message, which strangely was not please stop jumping on the bed, go home.

IKEA deserves some sort of World Cup citation for this at least.

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