Flamingo That Escaped from a Kansas Zoo Reappears in Texas After 17 Years

The clever flamingo has been on the lam since 2005.

A flamingo escapee from the Kansas Zoo was spotted after spending 17 years on the lam.

According to wildlife officials, who lovingly called the bird Pink Floyd in a Facebook post, the African flamingo was spotted near Port Lavaca, Texas, at Rhodes Point in Cox Bay. And this hasn’t been the first time the bird has been seen since its 2005 zoo escape. Apparently, the bird has been clocked several times in Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Texas, sometimes with other wild flamingos, reports Fox 5 News.

The bird made its great escape with another winged, pink companion from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita on a stormy night in June 2005. Fortunately for Pink Floyd, Employees at Sedgwick County Zoo had not yet clipped the birds' wings to prevent them from flying, which enabled their escape. Since then, wildlife officials have recognized Pink Floyd by the number on its leg band, which is 492.

According to officials, this is the first time the bird has been seen within the last two years. Although this sighting has been thrilling, Texas wildlife officials say that they have no intention of recapturing Pink Floyd because it will only disturb other surrounding wildlife.

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