This Map Shows What Each State Has That's Bigger Than in Any Other State

America is a land of extremes. We’ve got a bold tradition of gluttony, and we like our pizzas piled high with tacos while we wolf down three-foot burritos. Consider it a point of twisted national pride.

This quest for bigger stuff doesn’t end with food, though, as evidenced by this map compiled by Estately. Portraying what each state has that’s bigger than in any other state across the country, it is definitely an exercise in American excess. The real estate firm with a penchant for data probed Guinness World Records to find what each state can call its native gargantuan gem, and predictably, things get weird while perusing this map.

Let’s start with Texas. The Lone Star State is apparently the home of “the largest gathering of people dressed like Turkeys” in American history. This congregation of people as birds took place on November 24, 2011, and saw 611 Texans dawn their finest plumage in a YMCA turkey trot. If there were any European tourists present they probably ran away screaming into the nearest terminal for international departures. 

Moving northwest-ward, Montana loves balls. The state has the biggest testicle festival in the United States, an annual bacchanal in which people chow down on bull testicles and guzzle beer. Florida keeps it predictable with the largest collection of "flamingo-related items," which is probably resting on an a retiree's front lawn somewhere sunny and humid. Oklahoma is a cruel place for an exotic animal, being that it holds the Guinness World Record for the single largest dose of LSD given to an elephant (it died).

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union, only has room for a big ass sock, while New York carries on America’s obsession with contracting diabetes by harboring the country’s biggest butter sculpture.

Needless to say, there's no clear cut winner here. The United States is clearly home to some remarkably big stuff that doesn’t need to be as big as it is. Except for Delaware, which doesn’t hold a record for having the biggest of anything.

For an exhaustive list of what each state has that's bigger than in any other state, see below: 

ALABAMA:  anniversary cake / bubblegum bubble blown / brownie / hip hop dance / motorcycle museum / K’Nex skeleton sculpture / indoor film set

ALASKA:  baked Alaska / kale / kohlrabi / broccoli / lagamorph (tundra hare) / green cabbage / mackerel / cantaloupe melon / concentration of large mammals / collection of 4-leaf clovers / turnip / penis of any bird / digital image of the moon / land carnivore (polar bear) / canid / weasel
ARIZONA:  binocular telescope / serving of salsa / Soul Train dance / lens / margin of victory in a WNBA Finals game / collection of model airplanes / meteor crater / chili pepper / marquee / tattoo machine / game of freeze dance / UFO convention / glove/pair of gloves / solar telescope / dish ever washed / land gorge / rose bush / mobile store / storage facility for aircraft / Air Force cemetery

ARKANSAS:  collection of ice cream freezers / set of windchimes / retailer / birth twins

CALIFORNIA:  prison system / game of “capture the flag” / water pistol fight / earthquake drill / parade of hybrid cars / gathering of organ transplant recipients / parade of Scion cars / trading card game tournament / taffy / cornhole tournament / gathering of people dressed like Albert Einstein / cheese sculpture / collection of model internal combustion engines / Nerf gun / abandoned property auction / collection of model trains / collection of NASCAR cereal boxes / vocabulary for a bird (1,728 words) / collection of olive oil bottles / largest SUP lesson / gathering of people wearing Santa hats / head of garlic (2lb. 10oz.) / collection of autographed golf balls / crochet square / comic book collection / skateboard parade / wind farm / tamale festival / gathering of people wearing cowboy hats / cocaine seizure (47,554 pounds) / litter of tigers born in captivity / game of dodgeball / candy dispenser / collection of elephant-related items / layered dip / rubber chicken toss / gathering of people dressed like Rosie the Riveter / papier-mâché sculpture / skin cancer screening / wheelchair tennis tournament / tumor removed intact (96 pounds) / swimming pool / baseball mitt / flock of birds to invade a house / reward offered for an inflatable pig / gathering of people wearing fleece blankets (Snuggies)

COLORADO:  single donation to a university / gathering of people wearing false mustaches / telephone conference call / gathering of people dressed as gorillas / gather of people popping bubble wrap simultaneously / liquor store / largest collection of washing machines of antique style / dog wedding ceremony / airport baggage conveyor belt

CONNECTICUT:  cloned animal / collection of hippo-related items / display of lit menorahs / origami butterfly / wedding cake / collection of hair from historical figures / single trading floor / collection of souvenir plates

DELAWARE:  Sorry, Delaware holds no such record. 

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  allergy awareness lesson / angklung ensemble / silver-service dinner party / gay and lesbian rights march / trombone ensemble / library of law books / library / collection of comics in a museum / collection of maps

FLORIDA:  landscape restoration project / largest sloth (long extinct Eremotherium eomigrans) / collection of flamingo-related items / parade of food trucks / parade of golf carts / smoothie / bobblehead / gathering of people dressed like Peter Pan / indie video game convention / individual lottery jackpot ($590.5 million) / banner flown by a vehicle / Easter egg hunt / tallit / serving of pulled pork / sand dollar / collection of letter openers / golf putting green / largest collection of stamps featuring eyeglasses / frogs’ legs festival / cannolo / religious theme park / string ensemble / display of nativity sets / bird’s nest / flotilla of airboats / gerbil litter (15 baby gerbils) / game of cornhole / collection of grey alien-related items / paintball tournament / largest grilled cheese sandwich / cat sanctuary / video arcade / tortoise / rubber band ball / artificial reef / volleyball tournament / collection of film cameras / gathering of people wearing tartan / largest collection of toothpaste tubes / toy soldier collection / simultaneous whoopee cushion sit / Cupid Shuffle dance / gathering of people wearing swim caps

GEORGIA:  collection of miniature chairs / video games exhibition / soda float / plate inserted in a human skull

HAWAII:  Spam musubi / submillimeter telescope / wave surfed (paddle-in) / earlobe / astronomical observatory site / artificial lei/garland / surfboard collection / aloha shirt

IDAHO:  sticky note mosaic / M&M mosaic / trick roping loop by a female / serving of fries / floating golf green / temporary straw bale maze

ILLINOIS:  parade of Chevy cars / collection of fishing lures / producer of antimatter / measuring cup / drop on a roller coaster made of wood / cufflinks collection / mailbox / welding lesson / arcade machine / popcorn ball / pitchfork / parade of tow trucks / toy wagon / sewage works / wind chime / golf tee / wooden shoes / rocking chair / knitting needles / balloon mosaic / data center / mobile phone / mechanical shovel / condiment sachet / library book fine paid ($354.14) / fraud theft by a female ($53 million) / canned food sculpture / pizza delivery / sky drawing by an aircraft display team

INDIANA:  stop drop and roll demonstration / attendance at a stadium / collection of beaver-related items / display of origami bats / cookie jar collection / rock-paper-scissors tournament / game of tag / calzone / flyball tournament / riverboat casino / plane tree leaf / chocolate bar collection / private book collection / bead mosaic / stadium / jar of jellybeans

IOWA:  clog dance / hokey cokey dance / paper snowflake / ice cream sandwich

KANSAS:  gathering of people in holiday sweaters / serving of nachos / spur / audience in a circus tent / horn spread on a domestic steer / teddy bear (stitched) / man-made crop picture / snapping turtle / grain elevator

KENTUCKY:  water balloon fight / archery tournament / gathering of people wearing sweatbands / robot competition / collection of Tooth Fairy-related items / boat tie-up / replica baseball hat / Secret Santa game / tape ball / 4k screen at a video game competition / full-pipe in a skatepark / bubblegum bubble blown from a nose

LOUISIANA:  prison farm / fruit cobbler / jambalaya / serving of gumbo / circus audience / commercial heliport / toothpick sculpture / king cake / fuel tank fire / voodoo doll / macaroni and cheese

MAINE:  revolving globe

MARYLAND:  crab cake / collection of graph paper / medical library / demolition / bay by shoreline / bowl of apple sauce / tractor beam study

MASSACHUSETTS:  clam bake / stir-fry / collection of thermometers / online marketing seminar / lipstick mosaic / water balloon toss / gathering of people wearing tie dye / blended soft-serve dessert / toast at a single venue / toy ball mosaic / peach pit collection / wallet / open sandwich / brain bank / jellyfish

MICHIGAN:  football stadium / attendance at an ice hockey match / snowball / marriage vow renewal ceremony / game of freeze tag / chainsaw / cinnamon roll / collection of Snow White memorabilia / sandwich / ukulele / drive-in cinema by car capacity (tie w/ Texas) / drive-in cinema (by screen size) / gathering of people wearing animal noses / Bible publisher / ensemble of car horns / gathering of people dressed as landmarks / candy cane / flying boat formation to cross the Atlantic / living roof

MINNESOTA:  paper ball / study of online gaming habits / collection of cow-related items / pillow fight / gathering of zombies / dragon ball materials / handbell ensemble / epilepsy training session / parade of Indian Motorcycles / gathering of people dressed as Wizard of Oz characters / hanging at one gallows / picture made of Lite Brite / basketball lesson / continuous pedestrian skyway network / wild rice farm / collection of snowmen / gathering of people w/ mustaches / hamburger / balloon

MISSISSIPPI:  system of levees / twist dance

MISSOURI:  donation of personal hygiene products / dog biscuit / parade of BMW motorcycles / game of duck-duck-goose / fair / male afro / ping pong ball release / chair dance / grilling lesson / hot dog cart / meteorology lesson / game of Pong / parachute jump from a moving aircraft / sleeping bag / permanent maze / collection of keys

MONTANA:  hamburger patty / waterfall (no longer exists) / festival of testicles (Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival) / agricultural tractor / snowflake

NEBRASKA:  finger puppet collection / nocturnal zoo exhibit / glazed geodesic dome / bumper sticker collection / indoor desert / rail freight yard

NEVADA: shot glass collection / Hyundai car parade / sneaker collection / gaming token denomination / merengue lesson / firework rocket / watch store / glass sculpture / margarita / handhold game console party / object removed from human skull / Street Fighter tournament / sand art / freehand drawing / consumer electronics show / Super Smash Bros. Mellee tournament / fridge magnet collection / slot machine win ($39,713,982.25) / data center / theater stage / flexible
LCD screen / pool tournament / fuzzy dice / observation wheel (Ferris wheel) / circular projection / timepiece / box cutter / liger

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  simultaneous launch of canoes/kayaks / video game arcade

NEW JERSEY:  collection of wind-up toys / display of sandwich wraps / cheerleading cheer / beer can collection / gather of people wearing a tennis outfit / hand blown glass bottle / demolition / crop circle / hammock / meat and potato pie / organ (musical)

NEW MEXICO:  cookbook collection

NEW YORK:  attendance at a classical concert / display of illuminated Christmas trees / display of tomato varieties / butter sculpture / Segway riding lesson / cotton bud (Q-tip) / street dance performance / gingerbread village / display of origami elephants / collection of pizza boxes / bagel / hula hoop spun / temporary stage / collection of Sesame Street memorabilia / serving of mangú / gathering of people with the same first and last name (Martha Stewart) / collection of mermaid-related items / gathering of people dressed as Madonna / milkshake / cheesecake / bugle ensemble / railway station (# of platforms) / piñata / cigarette collection / prison ship / collection of autographed drumsticks / 3D-printed skeleton / comic book auction / jail / opera house / menu collection / cork sculpture / bookstore / Olympic torch replica / snow plough blade / jack o’lantern / drum set / watering can / inflatable parade / pumpkin sculpture / working light switch / matzah ball / doughnut / wooden dome house / collection of gift cards / white deer herd / Garfield memorabilia collection / menorah / ice maze / cathedral

NORTH CAROLINA:  food drive (single location) / gathering of Elvis impersonators / ice cream making lesson / knitted/crocheted stocking / paintbrush mosaic / donation of toys in 24 hours / coffee bean mosaic / triangle ensemble / gathering of heart transplant recipients / slaughterhouse / back scratcher collection / cookie / Crayon

NORTH DAKOTA:  baseball bat / scrap metal sculpture

OHIO:  game of heads or tails / troll collection / chicken farm / ceili dance / aluminum foil ball / pumpkin pie / wobble dance / chicken dance / meatball / operating shovel / game of catch (baseball/softball) / talking clock collection / collection of handcuffs / yo-yo / basket-shaped building / outdoor chandelier

OKLAHOMA:  land animal skull / gathering of Wild West artists / parade of fire trucks / single does of LSD administered to an elephant (it died) / bib overalls / tornado measured

OREGON:  game of red light, green light / squash (1,844.5 lbs) / hamburger commercially available / parade of Ford Mustangs / collection of fireman’s patches / fungi / sheep / sea cave

PENNSYLVANIA:  maypole dance / collection of 5-leaf clovers / collection of rainbow-related items / parade of Jeeps / collection of Chevrolet memorabilia / ensemble of slide flutes / architecture lesson / Ouija board / ice lantern display / robot dance / s’more / chocolate (30,540 lb. Hershey’s Kiss) / pierogi / gathering of furries / mushroom farm

RHODE ISLAND:  sock / hurdy gurdy

SOUTH CAROLINA:  shag dance / telephone collection / iced tea / paintbrush / button collection / living cat

SOUTH DAKOTA:  collection of Swamp Thing memorabilia / teddy bear collection

TENNESSEE:  watermelon (350.5 lbs) / singing lesson / collection of human skeletons / gathering of people wearing duct tape / horseshoe sculpture / bird feeder

TEXAS:  ball of dog hair / country music club / serving of chili con carne / Frito pie / cocktail tasting / Bowie knife / parade of Ram vehicles / washer toss tournament / Mickey Mouse memorabilia / hat mosaic / pickleball tournament / belt buckle / parade of toy red wagons / gathering of people dressed like turkeys / toy pistol battle / class with perfect attendance / ball pyramid / cowboy boot sculpture / gingerbread house / drive-in cinema by car capacity (tie w/ Michigan) / free-standing hangar / game of knockout / neutral buoyancy pool / garden spade / playable Twister board / jute bag / snow cone / parade of Nissan cars / ball of string / cardboard box sculpture / “YMCA” dance / millipede / tinikling dance / brick / collection of sheep-related items / pecan pie / chocolate truffle / 3D-printed pistol / gavel / fly fishing rod / table tennis bat / make-up painting / wholesale market / tea bag holder collection / piece of toffee / balloon / working electric guitar / urban bat colony

UTAH:  gathering of people wearing only their underwear / game of Simon says / gathering of people dressed like comic book characters / Mormon temple / dinosaur footprint / collection of duct tape / parade of quad bikes / horn circumference on a bull / scavenger hunt / slot canyon / tonsils / manmade excavation / religious database / largest plant

VERMONT:  Cadillac parade / snow softball tournament

VIRGINIA:  politics lesson / photo collage / simultaneous yo-yo / natural underground musical instrument / switchboard / gathering of people dressed as vampires / ship sunk intentionally by its owners / prison breakout from death row / office building

WASHINGTON:  kettlebell exercise class / hayride / 3D-printed boat / fan dance / matchbook collection / sommelier lesson / slot machine tournament / tomato grown / collection of Converse shoes / gathering of people dyeing eggs / beer bottles / digital graphic / underground house (it belongs to Bill Gates) / streetball tournament / factory (by volume)

WEST VIRGINIA:  baked goods donation / amount of corn harvested by a single combine harvester in eight hours / bird feeder (by volume)

WISCONSIN:  lawn mower parade / human waterskiing pyramid / French horn ensemble / barefoot water skiers towed behind a single boat / Winnie the Pooh memorabilia collection / Smurf memorabilia collection / Lincoln Logs structure / ice cream scoop / refracting telescope / civilian formation flight / collection of angel-related items

WYOMING:  swing dance / concentration of geysers / hydrothermal explosion crater

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