Here's What NYC Neighborhoods Hate Most

what new york hates
Courtesy of Comedy Central
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Every New York neighborhood has its irritants. It follows that the people in those neighborhoods would have neighborhood-specific pet peeves because of that. 

Hater, a dating app that matches people based on the things they hate, has compiled data from its hundreds of thousands of users to show what many New York neighborhoods hate most. (More specifically, the data shows what users in each neighborhood hate most, relative to the rest of the city.) The data was mapped by New York-based illustrator Fernanda Amis. (Click to enlarge.)

what new york hates
Hater | Fernanda Amis

Honestly, most of these responses are too perfect. From Williamsburg hating people who think Manhattan "is the best" to the Upper West Side hating people who think Brooklyn "is the best," there are far too many stereotypes being confirmed.

Some of the funniest responses come from outside Brooklyn and Manhattan. For instance, the entirety of The Bronx hates Anthony Bourdain. It's a little surprising the Bronx hates him more than it hates when people think the Bronx is a single neighborhood.

Two neighborhoods are picked out of Queens and the most relatable comes from Astoria. The residents who use Hater hate when friends ask them to help with a move. That makes sense, because the N train is always a mess on the weekend, and it's so far from... well... all of Brooklyn. (Damn you, shortening of the G train.)

It's just as strange and funny as past Hater data releases like what every state hates most. (Seinfeld? Really?)

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