Map Reveals Every State's Favorite Sex Toy

every state's favorite sex toy

It's all out shock and O in's "Kink State of the Union." The BDSM and fetish entertainment site has pulled together data to illuminate all of the nation's quirks and kinks, like that Illinois likes a good chastity cage. not only ranks the U.S.'s 10 kinkiest cities for the first time since 2015, they've pulled together data from their store to offer a look at every state's favorite sex toy. That maybe gives you a little insight into what your neighbors are up to. Or maybe it gives you an unexpected way to bond with them. Either way.

The below map gives a look at trends, as well as what is winding up where with occasionally surprising results. For instance, seven states have zappers as their favorite toy. Meanwhile, Utah and Nevada are the only two states that have a stroker -- more familiar to many as a Fleshlight -- as their favorite sex toy. 

every state's favorite sex toy

As for their city list, El Paso ranks as the nation's least kinky city, just as it did in 2015. Here's how their top 10 breaks down.

10. Austin, Texas
9. Boston, Massachusetts
8. Washington D.C.
7. Atlanta, Georgia
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Chicago, Illinois
4. San Francisco, California
3. Portland, Oregon
2. New York City, New York
1. Los Angeles, California

The site provides many reasons and some notes on their methodology at their Kink State of the Union page. Take a look and know your home state just a little bit better.

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