There Is No Way This Kid Could Be More Excited About Motorcycles

If you've caught yourself restraining public displays of massive excitement you could probably learn a thing or two from toddlers. In particular, the toddler in the above video should serve as a role model for how to act when something activates the maximum amount of excitement you're capable of. Your inhibition is a joke to him.

The two-year-old boy named Logan attended the British Grand Prix MotoGP in Wales on Sept. 4 and absolutely loses it any time a motorcycle passes by. "He loved the bikes doing that and every time his reaction was the same, his reaction was brilliant," his father, Daniel Cox, told London's Mirror.

Logan is bike-mad and the Mirror proved that with tons of photos of the young man sitting on his toy motorcycles. "As soon as we got out the car he was excited and saying 'bikes mummy' and he could hear them," his mother Kristy said. "We have never seen him get that excited about anything so we wanted to capture it on video and take lots of pictures."

Officials at the park have seen the video and invited Logan to come back and sit on some of the motocross bikes at an upcoming event. Well played, Logan. 

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