Dude Who Took $1,600 Uber After Drinking Too Much Wants Money to Help Pay His Bill

Kenny Bachman became an overnight legend, an exemplar of frat boy heroics, and the butt of a very funny joke last week, when he fell asleep in the back of an Uber and took it across state lines. The ride, which Bachman ordered in West Virginia after partying with his bros, was not a short one: He wound up at his house in Gloucester, New Jersey, groggy and saddled with a $1,635.93 bill.

But despite ordering an Uber XL on accident after he admittedly "blacked out," Bachman is made more of hubris than actual money. That's why he's asking for donations to help him pay for his exorbitant ride home, which took him from nearby the campus of The University of West Virginia to New Jersey -- a 339 mile journey across the eastern seaboard. GoFundMe is Bachman's preferred crowd-funding site, and he's received a modest stream of donations, many of them $5, since first launching the drive a few days ago. He's currently at $325, which means Bachman needs a lot more Ben Franklins to have a fighting chance of getting his folly paid for by strangers. 

Bachman has agreed to pay the bill in principal, at least., which has the inside scoop, reports the ride consisted of a "$3.94 base fare, a $2.35 booking fee, $696.95 for distance, $115.90 for time." Surge pricing was involved, which doubled most fees, minus the initial one for booking, and by ordering an Uber XL, Bachman ensured an extra $816.79 fee was tacked on to the original base fare. 

The backseat must have been worth it. 

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