7 Tips for Surviving the Summer of Travel Chaos, According to Going

Tip #4 is crucial, but so difficult.

Whether it is getting trapped on an ultra-hot airplane on the tarmac or sitting at an airport for hours on end as you wait out endless delays, you're likely to encounter some travel snafus this summer. And a lot of that is out of our immediate control; we personally can't undo the climate catastrophe, just like we can't personally demand that airlines pay better and employ more people. (Though, if you're an airline CEO reading this, at what profit point can you please start paying your workers more?)

But there are some travel tips that can help you wrangle control back for your next summer vacation. The experts over at Going (formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights) have a few key pieces of summer travel advice they've shared with us. That way, you'll be able to salvage joy and rest on your summer vacation, just like you're supposed to.

Here are the seven tips Going travel experts swear by:
1. Give yourself more time…and then add more to that.
2. Travel early in the day.
3. Book nonstop when you can.
4. Pack light, pack smart. Try to only bring a carry-on when you can.
5. Download the airline's app.
6. Protect your investment with coverage for cancellations and travel changes.
7. Know your flight and hotel rights.

Some of these tips seem a bit obvious. But they are worth repeating and possibly even bookmarking. Giving yourself more time is essential when quite literally everything is taking longer than normal. "Get to the airport extra early, give yourself plenty of time for layovers, and if you really need to be somewhere on a specific day, plan to arrive a day or two early if you can," Going experts advise.

Traveling early is a tip backed by data. In 2022, flights in the morning were the least likely to be canceled or delayed. The same is true for nonstop flights. The fewer stops at airports mean there are fewer opportunities for delays, missed flights, and cancellations.

To streamline the process of checking in, getting assistance, and staying updated, packing light and downloading the airline app are your best bets. The fewer reasons you need to stand in line to be helped at the counter, the less amount of time you'll be waiting around and leaving things to chance. Plus, you won't have to worry about your luggage getting lost.

Looking for more travel tips?

Whether you need help sneaking weed onto a plane, finding an airport where you can sign up for PreCheck without an appointment, or making sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to when your flight is canceled, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for up-to-date travel hacks and all the travel news you need to help you plan your next big adventure.

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