FAA's Unruly Airline Passenger Fines Just Crossed the $1 Million Mark

Don't do the crime if you can't pay the fines.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been inundated with incidents involving unruly passengers on airplanes, with many revolving around face mask mandates. In response, the agency rolled out a zero-tolerance policy that included hefty fines for bad behavior. 

Fines from the FAA have now reached record highs, totaling more than $1 million in proposed penalties for just this year alone, according to ABC News. The agency has received nearly 4,000 reports of aggression from passengers since January. Airline crews have reported verbal incidents with drunk passengers, as well as incidents in which they were shoved, punched, had garbage thrown at them, or parts of the plane were kicked. It was also reported that out of control passengers destroyed airplane restrooms.

Approximately 71% of the incidents reported were related to a refusal to comply with mask mandates. The Transportation Security Administration initially had a mask mandate in place for airports, airplanes, and all forms of public transportation until September of this year. This week, it extended the mandate into January 2022.

The FAA introduced its zero-tolerance policy in response to an uptick in disruptions on planes. With that came record high fines. In May, it was reported that the FAA recommended a passenger be hit with a fine totaling $52,500 after the person was accused of trying to open the cockpit door, ignoring crew members, and hitting a flight attendant in the face. The flight attendant was also reportedly knocked down during the incident and threatened by the angry passenger, who was eventually restrained with plastic handcuffs for a short time before escaping and hitting the flight attendant again. The passenger was arrested when the plane, departing from Honolulu, landed in Seattle.

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