Facebook Is Deleting These Photos From Your Account

illustration of photos thrown in trash
Oren Aks/Thrillist

It's no secret that Facebook is a little pushy with its apps. Admit it. You probably felt coerced into Messenger. And now, Facebook is threatening to delete one of your photo albums to once again send you running to the app store. 

OK, before you freak out, Facebook is only deleting your auto-synced photos, and you might not even have auto-synced photos. As TechCrunch reported, photo syncing was an optional feature that allowed users to auto-copy all the photos on their phone's camera roll to Facebook. These photos should be saved in an album on your account, and it is this album that Facebook says it will delete unless you get its new photo app Moments

Facebook is sending out this message to users explaining that people will need to start using Moments before July 7th or risk deletion:

Even though it has nothing to do with photos you uploaded to Facebook yourself, this scary message probably helped Moments get to number one in the app store. Just saying. 

If you for some reason really want those synced photos, go ahead and get the Moments app right away.

And if not, do absolutely nothing. 

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