A Facebook Glitch Was Reposting People's Old Photos and Status Updates

Published On 12/10/2016 Published On 12/10/2016

Facebook has been party to all sorts of bizarre happenings and technical blunders in recent months. From a morbid bug that proclaimed users were dead when they weren’t, to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s failure to confront the onslaught of bogus news stories teeming on the social network, Facebook has been the internet’s collective punching bag this year.

And on Friday, another glitch caught the attention of Facebook users, when they noticed old photos were randomly reposting to their timelines without permission. PC Mag first noticed the snafu, citing aggrieved Facebookers who spent the day angry-tweeting fiery missives to the tech company. People initially chalked the problem up to the company’s recent app update for iOS, likening the emergence of forgotten status updates and photos to some embarrassing memories they’d rather keep in the dark:

There’s a weird similarity between the resurfacing of old content and Facebook’s Year In Review feature -- which plays back a photo-reel of your digital ephemera from the past 365 days. Both unearth old content from your timeline and profile, but it’s unclear if there’s actually a connection between the two. A spokesperson from the company told Mashable the issue is being investigated, but didn’t divulge what actually caused the problem. Sounds about right.

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