A Facebook Glitch Will Show You Exactly How Unpopular You Are

Published On 10/15/2015 Published On 10/15/2015

Turns out no one is reading your Facebook posts. Or maybe everyone is reading your posts. Good for you, if that's the case. But as a result of a current Facebook bug, certain users are able to see the number of views their posts get. The horror of seeing your slim view numbers will inevitably bring back memories of being left off your best friend's "Top Friends" list on MySpace all over again. But don't worry, Facebook is dealing with it. And MySpace is pretty irrelevant these days.

The glitch is only messing with your handy-dandy mobile device, not Facebook's desktop version. If you're one of the lucky/unlucky few it's affecting, you'll see the number of views displayed right next to your "Likes" and "Comments."

Just like this:

Facebook is not testing out a new product. This is just an unfortunate bug and the company has no plans to add a "views" icon to its already fever-inducing "likes" and "shares." And that's for the best. The fact that your efforts to crowd fund Napoleon Dynamite 2 are going completely ignored is better left unsaid.

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Kara King is a News Writer for Thrillist and is already fully aware of her unpopularity. Send news tips to and follow her sad tweets at @karatillie.



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