This Guy Was So Bad at Hiding From the Cops, Even the Cops Made Fun of Him

Hiding from the cops is a delicate art that most people don't have time to practice. That has to be understood. It's not like there are any "hiding from the cops" experts out there who you actually want to associate with on the reg. That said, you would think that any of them would at least be better at doing it than this moron photographed in northern England this week.

Meet the West Yorkshire Police Department's latest punching bag: the legs of an unidentified wanted man, which were discovered sticking out of a piece of fabric under what appears to be a bed. Whoever runs the social media account for the police department made no attempt to stand on ceremony, posting the embarrassing photo for the world to see, complete with a caption mocking his evasive skills:

"A male in Calderdale who was wanted by Police decided to try hide this morning when they went to his property looking for him. You will not be surprised to find out that yes we did find him," the cops crowed. "He will not be winning any awards for hide and seek champion soon!!!"

Every one of those exclamation points is well-earned and the Internet agrees. The photo quickly picked up viral steam, netting hundreds of shares, likes, comments, and laughing reactions on Facebook since it was posted on June 29.

On the bright side, the Internet hasn't outed this dude's name yet as of publication time. Keep on killing it, champ.

h/t Mashable

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist. Follow him @e_vb_.