Facebook Is Making it Way Easier to Ignore Your Annoying Friends

Dealing with annoying Facebook posts you don't want to see eats up a significant amount of your time on the social network. But because you lack the nerve to unfriend all the ranting nitwits who clog your feed with pictures of eggs benedict, Facebook on Friday rolled out a new "snooze" feature that will let you mute someone's posts for 30 days. It’s a less severe version of hitting the “unfollow” button, and should help you maintain a bit more sanity while perusing the never-ending echo chamber.

The snooze feature lets you unfollow people, pages and groups for 30 days. To use it, select snooze in the top-right drop-down menu of a post, and whatever content you’re trying to avoid will temporarily vanish from your feed. The accounts you’ve snoozed won’t know about it either. You’ll also be notified when the snooze period ends, so you can brace yourself for the reemergence of dumb posts. It’s possible to end the snooze period earlier if you’d like to give the offending account a shot at redemption.

For those among us who are too polite to go the brazen route of un-friending someone entirely, this seems like the milder version of breaking up with someone on Facebook. As far as issues the social network is dealing with, the snooze situation seems like an easy fix for a common problem encountered by Facebook users. There are others, though, that are way less simple

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