This Restaurant's Kids Menu Perfectly Trolls the Picky Little Brats Out There

Fager's Island; Shutterstock (edited)

The kids' menu, safe haven of all young whippersnappers who secretly or not-so-secretly want all their food to be beige-colored, may have just reached its eschatological conclusion in the menu pages of Fager's Island, a restaurant and bar in Ocean City, Maryland. It puts all other kid's menus to shame by, well, just look for yourself...

Fager's Island

You read that right. "I'm not hungry," "I don't know," "I don't care," and other bratty nonsense your crummy nephews give you when you're trying to treat them to a nice dinner, courtesy of their cool uncle -- the same bratty nonsense you thought you'd nailed down to a science a few decades back -- is right there, front and center for all literate kids to read. Simply put, it's genius comedy writing, IRL trolling, and menu design, all rolled into a few lines of text.

The menu has captured the hearts of even the smoldering ruined wastelands of Reddit, inspiring dozens of commenters to remark on the quality of the joke ("All three of my nephews are such picky eaters. Chicken tendies it is. I'm not your mom!") and the stones it takes to put a Triple Layer PB&J on your menu ("I'm also thinking of the possibilities of a PB&J layered cake...").

The adults seems to agree that this was a creative move on the restaurant's part. Undoubtedly, small children reading it will be less amused, but perhaps it will push them to consider options on the adult sections. If not, PB&J should be enough to quell their complaints.

h/t The Daily Meal

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